It’s hot in the city but the weather will certainly change soon enough. Those who prefer colder weather may enjoy a look at the Woolrich John Rich & Bros. FW13 “Aged to Perfection” Collection of six “aged” parkas – shown exclusively in Berlin this week. The limited edition project take the Woolrich Arctic Parka and gives it a touch of age with a washed look. Fans of the U.S.A. will appreciate the expedition style American flags on the sleeves. The parkas hit retail this October with a $995 price tag.

Indicative of the growing interest surrounding Americana and its rustic visage, WP Lavori created the “Aged to Perfection” Parka Collection for its Woolrich John Rich & Bros. label. First previewed at last week’s Bread & Butter trade show in Berlin, the limited outerwear collection features the timeless Woolrich Arctic Parka, refashioned for a vintage appearance. All hand-sprayed, hand-stitched, and washed for a specific well-worn look, designers even embroidered each American flag on the parka’s sleeves as homage to Woolrich‘s long standing in American garment history.

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Retails for a suggested price of $995 USD, the six-piece collection will highly limited with no two parka alike. The Woolrich  “Aged to Perfection” Parka Collection will be available this October to coincide with the re-opening of its online store.

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